How to use information in the singular and plural

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In English Language, there is nothing like ‘an information’, there will not be anything like that and in fact, there can never be anything like that. Even though many people have been using ‘an information’ when they are making reference to a single piece of information, it is wrong and an illiterate error we must avoid.

Information is an uncountable or mass noun. Uncountable nouns do not and cannot take the indefinite articles ‘a or an’ because these articles are only used with count nouns in their singular forms.
The word ‘information‘ is used for both singular and plural.

Usage Examples
i. John, I have information for you this morning.

ii. The manager gave the customer information about how to use the ATM.

iii. The doctor gave the patients information about how to use the toilet facility.

NOTE; There is no word like ‘informations’. Information does not have plural form; uncountable nouns do not have plural forms.

How to Use Information in the Singular and Plural Forms

a. Using information in the singular; If we want to use information in the singular, we can use the following phrases before adding information; a piece of, a bit of, an item of etc.

Usage Examples
i. The headteacher gave the students a piece of information.

ii. An item of information is what we need to execute this plan.

iii. A bit of information could have saved their lives.

b. Using information in the plural; If we want to use information in the plural, we can equally use the phrases; pieces/items/bits of information.

Usage Examples
i. The woman gave her children pieces of information.

ii. The lady gave the police items of information.

If we want to be specific, then we can add a number before bits/items/pieces of information.

Usage Examples
I. The children need three pieces of information to do the work.

II. The manager gave the employees five items of information.

Note; We can never under any circumstance use the quantifier ‘MANY’ before information. This quantifier is only used with plural count nouns.

Wrong; The teacher likes giving many information.

Wrong; The teacher likes giving many informations.

The Only Instance Where Information takes The Indefinite Article ‘an’

When the word ‘information’ is used to modify a singular count noun, it can take the indefinite article ‘an’ because in such a context, the word information will be functioning as an adjective and not a non-count noun again.

Usage Examples

An information machine, an information article, an information agent, an information carrier etc.


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